Brahma Kumari knowledge.

@rama108 (126)
June 24, 2008 1:29am CST
In Brahma Kumari knowledge it is said couple are made according to their purusharth, meaning what we do in the name of god. Equal purusharthi that is good deeds in the name of god, equalised compared and we are joined together with the one who is nearly equallent with our good account. And our couple will be together for 21 births together. Loving each other. automatically thinking about the same person all our life. also we die in his/her thoughts and come together again in the next life and next to and next.....and so on. but as the time passes for hundreds of years after completion of 21 births our mingling with other people also increases similarly so the discipline reduces. So our couple change gradually. finally it happens such that we entirely forget who our true love is. Then we will be doomed. Then we become dipressed. Then we feel lonely. Then we start praying to god to come to us give us the peace. So he comes again to train us to do good deeds. So that we go to our 21 births of good life again. That is called heaven, svarg, jannat in different languages.
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28 Jun 08
It is really interesting to learn about what different cultures beliee. It's a big wide worl out there, and MyLot has managed to bring it all together, encouaging it's semember to learn from and teach eachother. Thanks for sharing this.
@rama108 (126)
• India
29 Jun 08
Thanks for the comments. ya mylot's is commendable job.