is it true that true love only comes once in your life??

June 24, 2008 4:47am CST
i have read about an article..that if you love someone don't let him/her go..because they say true love is like a butterfly, hard to catch..????????
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• India
24 Jun 08
it may be and it may not be..but i think it does...only one time in your life...when it happens it shakes you changes you who you are...if you are impatient it makes me.... i love my gf truly..we are very much committed to each other...we love each other very much...when you love a person truly and something happens to her and at that time you cant think of any other thing except her...thne you know....its called true love...
@megaplaza (1438)
• Nigeria
24 Jun 08
i think so, cos even when we love more than one person, there is only one of them that we truly love.
@freak369 (5034)
• United States
24 Jun 08
I don't think that you can only find true love once; if that were the case I think a lot of people would be stomping around in extremely bad moods. Love happens when you least expect it and when it does it usually knocks you completely off your feet, leavings you short of breath and feeling like a teenager again.