Do you agree with Sharon Stone? And why?

June 24, 2008 5:35am CST
Recently Sharon stone claimed that the China earthquake was due to bad Karma. She said "I am not happy about the way the Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don't think anyone should be unkind to anyone else. Abd then the earthquake and all the stuff happen and then I thought is that Karma? When you are not nice that the bad things happen to you?" Do you agree with her? Do you think what she said is true or fair?
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• Australia
24 Jun 08
my personal feeling on this subject is that every thing in the ground and above it is there for a reason to blance the planet since man has found a way to take not only what is above ground but what's below this has upset the earths body clock and so brings about the diasters we are experiencing.if something important is removed from our bodies we go on yes but do we feel the same as before it was us the earth throws-up (big-time)
• Malaysia
25 Jun 08
Thank you for your input? But the earthquake took away so many innocent lives including women and children? Isn't there an explanation for it?
• India
25 Jun 08
I would say that Sharon shot her mouth in public. Well, she should have thought twice..thrice..ten times before saying that. She hurt the Chinese by saying such a thing, maybe more than they hurt the Tibetans. I say she should have been diplomatic. Anyway, she is paying for it now, and that is precisely her karma. :) According to me, Karma is not that terrifying or that esoteric a concept. It is just an exotic word for "every cause has an effect." To give you a simple example, you marry a skunk by mistake--this is the cause. And what is the effect? A stinking divorce. And karma won't listen to your excuses. You may say you put your finger in the fire by mistake. But you will have to suffer from a badly burnt finger for a few days. So how to avoid bad karma? By being sensible (I won't say good because it is a bad word). By being sensible, you can avoid bad karma. To extend my marriage example, don't marry a skunk and you won't have a stinking divorce. :) Of course, I don't agree with Sharon. The earth doesn't punish you because you are bad. An earthquake is a natural event, and too bad if you happen to be sitting on it while it happens. Maybe if the geologists had predicted it precisely and evacuated those towns, the people would have been saved. It is just unfortunate, not a punishment by God for some "bad" thing you have done. Cheers and happy mylotting!