confusion over the person you are going to marry?

June 24, 2008 6:04am CST
Have you ever come across someone who was in love with a person and got engaged to that person, who suddenly feels that this is person he or she or not meant to be with? How does one cope up with such a situation?
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@KUSHANK55 (2437)
• India
24 Jun 08
you are in more serious a situation than the real gabbar was.the situation seems to be an explosive one like a human bomb. when you get the right answer i would also like to know.
• India
24 Jun 08
hahahaha. sure will let you know if i get to know the answer.
@gwamster (42)
• South Africa
29 Jun 08
You can marry whoever you wish. The onus is on both parties to be honest with each other and see the situation clearly because the feeling of love luctuates and you will go through hard times together. If both parties no longer feel the bond they once shared, try to sort it out, because you may find that the person you fell in love with is still there. If the relationship continues to degenerate, then it may be wise to get a divorce, and do so with as little heartache as possible. There is no one specific person you will marry, so I disagree with the statement; 'meant to be with' in your post. If you believe in the soul mate, you might marry your so called soul mate and then be unhappy cause you dont get along anymore, but remain in the relationship because you are supposedly soul mates. There are better people to marry and worse people to marry. If you are in a marriage where you are unhappy, there is a person out there withwhom you can be happy.