caste system

@Pappun (43)
June 24, 2008 7:39am CST
Hello friends , I am here discuss the caste system of India is one o of the most controversial topic regarding the Indians society and culutre is its stringent caste system. The word "Caste" is taken from the portuguese word caste. It can be defined as a rigid social system in which a social hierarchy is maintained generation after generation after generation and allows little moblitiy out of the postiton to which a person is born.This system dates almost 3ooo years back and was formed based on the need to form a social order in ancient India. It is still very prevalent as part of Indain socity.Today, it occurs more in the rural villages then in big urban cities; ad more in the social matters of kinships and marriages then in impressial day -to day interaction such as takiang the bus.
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24 Jun 08
Hi friend,Yes Now a days caste also plays a significant role in the society.It is mainly seen in the rural society.caste brings an element of hierarchy in society by dividing it into different Jati.It acts as the most powerful determinent of individual behaviour and social order in rural unity.Thank you for choosing this type of topic.
@Pappun (43)
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28 Jun 08
Thank you for choosing this type of discussion. We live in country where you can find so many caste and Jati systems are there. Caste also plays a significant role in the society. Have a good day.