Marriage before kids

@bdugas (3581)
United States
June 24, 2008 8:58am CST
I started a discussion that turned into this subject before it was over, what has happen to Marriage before we have kids, is it now the thing to do to just have kids, no marriage, oh I agree there are mistakes made, but some seem to think that having babies without marriage is the thing to do now, have we run out of morals in this country. it's cool now adays to be a single mom raising several kids with no dad's in the picture. I was raised that you got married then had kids, apparently that has gone out the door in todays society. it is hard enough to raise kids with 2 parents let alone as a single parent, does society not believe in marriage any more, do you believe it is the cool thing to just have kids no marriage before or after the child is born, are we who think marriage before popping our kids is what is normal living in the old age. I had a daughte 19 when she got pregant, but she was planning on marrying the dad and she did. So accidents do happen but I have seen some on here say it is their right to have babies out of wedlock, what is your take on this has marriage then kids gone out of style now adays.
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@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
24 Jun 08
i've been noticing this alot too and i think it is sad. i was raised that way too. i'm only 27 and i think that its just going down hill. i am proud to say that i am one who got married first and then had my kids. i have a friend who has 3 kids with her boyfriend and has no intention of getting married. she says she likes the ability to just get out of the relationship if she wants without having to do a messy divorce. Maybe that is something that is having an effect on people. Divorce is happening so much that people just figure its better to not bother getting married. I read the paper and every day there are a few births and very rarely are the parents married. Most the time its two different last names. accidents do happen, but I don't think very many of those were accidents, or else people are just really clumsy lol. Hopefully it turns around but I don't think it will. I hope that I can keep my girls on the right path.