they can evict me for all i care!

United States
June 24, 2008 9:23am CST
So as some of my friends know I lost my job a few weeks ago. Now I have been living in an apartment that is funded by a domestic violence shelter I was living in, and they told me about a week before I lost my job that they were not sure if the funding was going to be renewed(seeing that the fiscal year starts in July). So now I am stuck. I have no job...welfare has still not approved me. Today is the 24th and I have to move out on the 1st. The shelter has offered for me to go back there, but I really can't do that to my children, we were already in shelter for a whole year! So I figure, they can go through with eviction proceedings, the shelter said it may take one or two months for the funding and they would find me a new landlord. So I am not going anywhere, I am tired of moving and leaving precious belongings behind because in shelters you can only take one bag per person, and there is no way I am losing what I built up!
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