PTC for earning money?What a bad idea!

June 24, 2008 10:12am CST
Last year i'v heard for the first time of the existence of the ptc:"pay to click" , in theory a way to earn money without doing nothing.It is sufficient to click the ads of the page and wait some seconds (from 20 to 40,50 seconds).You earn only few cent but the way of earning more and more is to buy or find new referral which do the click. It seems an easy way of earning but in the reality the problem is that the most of the ptc don't pay so after days spent to reach the mininum payout you earn nothing. I've tryed a lot of ptc but the only one i consider correct is "Payperuse" but itsn't a way of earning.The only thing that give me subsistence is my job and my parents.And you what do you think of ptc?
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