thank you

United States
June 24, 2008 7:40pm CST
hahaa i just wanted to make one more random discussion about saying thanks to all the people who gave me great tips now ill try to start using them thanks so much and im saying thanks so much cause im trying to make a long discussion lol but thanks so much for the great tips lol
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@chennai_b02 (1735)
• India
25 Jun 08
You are welcome.. I always advise the new people to mylot, based on my experience in mylot.. that, before starting/responding the discussion you please went through the other senior peoples discussions and the responses (those who posted more than 1000 discssions/responses) You will get more of knowledge about mylot, more and more discussions you will go through, I can very well advise you that if you raise the good quality of discussion you will get more earning in mylot.. Even though if its true, you will not be in a position to understand and apply it in practice directly. but if you went through those discusisons, you can easily understand that how they start the discussion, and how it has been responsed, because there may be the different opinion from the different people from all part of the world.. If you went through those discussions and responses, you may be update yourself more than what i can able to explain here. So, its better to spend one or two days to read lots more discussions and responses of the senior members in mylot.. Always, do not to raise the discussions and respond the others discussion in a single word or single line, this will not help you to improve your earning in mylot. All the very best for you to get much more earnings in mylot..
• Malaysia
25 Jun 08
Hi, chennai ! This is a piece of good advice to tne newbies. thankyou. happy posting.
@selece (2357)
• Philippines
25 Jun 08
I don't know if I had given you tips or advices before but, as your friend, if you have any questions or need help, just hit me. Not literally punch me or anything but inform me ok? Hehe. Happy myLotting! I hope you're enjoying your stay here. God bless!