The Frying Pan Game

United States
June 24, 2008 11:18pm CST
Me and my friends play this game with people we meet. What you do is have one person say "(something/someone) is in my frying pan. Who is in my frying pan?" People then guess, and you reveal the answer. The answer is always the first person who guessed. It plays with your mind so much, it's wonderful. We did it to my English teacher and she responded "The person in your frying pan is whoever I don't want to be in a real frying pan," which is technically true. Do you have any games like this?
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@risris24 (712)
• United States
25 Jun 08
Actually there is a game we used to play that was called "Goin on a Picnic"... and the idea was either one or two people know the game and you go around a circle and the first person says, "I'm goin on a picnic and I'm bringing_____________"... Now you use the first letter of your first name to determine the item you are bringing with you to the picnic. Then each person one by one says, "I'm goin on a picnic and I'm bringing __________________"... Then you the starter of the game decide whether that person can come or not... So, if they used the first initial of their first name, then you would say, "you can come", but if they did not, you say, "sorry, you can't come"... It gts funny as the game goes on because some people get it and some people don't and they get frustrated when they cannot figure out why they cannot come but others can, and then they try to figure out every possible scenario based on what other answers are being given.... Try it on your friends.