Do you have loud children?

United States
June 24, 2008 11:45pm CST
My kids are loud. They will shriek at each other and about break my ear drum. This is good in some areas, like when we are playing at the park. I know where mine are at all the time. I just wish they would STOP occasionally.
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@1grnthmb (2063)
• United States
27 Jun 08
We have taught our kids that when they p[lay inside they need to use their "inside voices" because our house is an echo box. They pretty much follow the rule but occasionally need to be reminded that they are indoors. Now that they are teenagers we have the opposite problem. They are so quite that we do not know that they are around so we have to check to make sure they are still home. So far we haven't had any sneak outs but you always have to make sure.
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• United States
19 Jul 08
I have known teenagers that are noisy. In my family anyways. Sneak outs. lol. Why I never....
@Anne18 (11036)
25 Jun 08
I have four children, 19 yr old who lives away from home. a 10 yr old boy and twins girl/boy of 8. We laugh as we say we have two levels of noise volumne in our house.... loud and very loud. I do joke with people when they entre our house and ask them if they have a headache... if they say no I laugh and say you will have one when you leave our house!! But no seriosly they are lovely children, quite happens after 9pm in our house and 7.30am in the morning. We do tend to shout at the children but unlike our neigbour who also shouts at her children we do not swear at them or tell them to shut up, we always say be quite. Our neighbour swears at her children and her 4 yr old swears a lot back at her.
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