My Sister's Temper.

United States
June 25, 2008 12:59am CST
My sister is 18 years old and has the worst temper I have ever seen. She show no respect for our parents. She yells and demands money all the time. She just got her first job where she works two days a week. My mom got a new car so she gave the other one (which she still owes money on) to my sister. She doesnt make the payments or the insurance. (me and my brother both had to have a job find a car put a downpayment and pay for the car and insurance.) I am in no way jealous, I think that is the way it should be. I think it teaches a great lesson. She has also just gotten her first boyfriend and has lost all her friends. But my main concern is the way she treats our parents. I have tried talking to her but she just blows me off! What do i do?!
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@mariamac (145)
• India
27 Jun 08
is she the youngest. Many a times the youngest of the lot seems to be lot pampered and so they turn out to be stubborn and adamant. Secondly, it could also be that since she is the youngest she is left all alone,during the period, when the rest of the members in the house were busy in fulfiling their dreams, or achieving their goals. You all forgot of her and that has built up as anger in her. Try talking to her or try asking her friends and search the root for her anger. Every problem in the world has an answer, its just upto us how we deal with a given situation. It will be difficult at first, but life aint easy.
• Canada
25 Jun 08
I am sorry to say there isn't much you can do. I have the exact same problem with my 20yr old sister and the only way they will stop is if your parents put their foot down with her and stop giving her all she gets from them. I think that is the hardest part, trying to get our parents to understand that. Good luck
• India
25 Jun 08
just ask her to keep quit for five mins,,,,,,,,, without thinking any thing........just be blank... this will work....