do you like requiring to your child reading books in the morning ?

@owntuilp (422)
June 25, 2008 4:13am CST
i had recall one of my teachers told me that you shoud read a book,especially classics books , in the moring when i entry the elementry school.unfortunatelly,i had hardly read any books in the morning from monday to friday,as i had to get up early to warke and the pressure on jobs always make me forget to read books in the morning what i had a habit do when i didnt gradguate from shcool ,every day.i dont konw some one wheather have like reading books in the morning ,especially require to their child do that?
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@fiarby (105)
• Philippines
25 Jun 08
Reading is really good. It helps our children increase their vocabulary and at the same time their comprehension. I believe it does not necessarily be in the morning as long as we instill in our children the love of reading, we can do it anytime of the day...before going to sleep is one good time to read to your children.
@Juduka (118)
• Finland
25 Jun 08
I loved to watch in Amsterdam how so many commuters read during their trip to work on the buses, metros and trams. I think it's an excellent way to make to most out of commuting. After I returned to Helsinki I read every morning on my way to college. But reading in the morning... That isn't anything I would require of anyone.
• China
25 Jun 08
I didn't read any book in the morning when I was in the elementry school,either. I will not require my children to do that, because we can read at any time,not just in the morning.