Brindle Bulldogs

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June 25, 2008 9:38am CST
I am currently doing research on the brindle bulldogs due to 2 dogs living in my community and are quite aggressive and I was wondering about their disposition and if there is any relation with the pit bull, and if they could be classified as vicious dogs. Does anyone know of any attacks on humans by brindle bulldogs?
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26 Jun 08
Brindle fur - This is what "brindle" coloring looks like. Lots of short haired breeds can have it.
Brindle is not a breed of bull dog, it refers to the coloring of the fur. Many types of dogs could be described as brindle or brindled. So, are the dogs you are talking about actually English bulldogs? American Bull terriers? Stafordshire Bull terriers? or some variation thereof? Any dog can bite or be agressive, just some breeds are slightly more prone to agressive behavior than others or can cause more damage, so get a bad name as a breed in general.