my mom doesn't like my dog.

@khithi17 (762)
June 25, 2008 10:01am CST
i don't really understand her sometimes. at first she really don't like dogs, but then when she saw my dog irizch, she liked her. but then after sometime... i'm hearing so many complaints from her. now my mom really don't like my dog. she wants me to give my dog back to my boyfriend. but i don't want her to be away from me. i'm going to miss her very much if that happens. i don't know what to do anymore. but i will not give up my dog.
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@lucy02 (5017)
• United States
2 Jul 08
I feel for you. My mom doesn't like dogs and she lives with us now. We have 4 dogs. I love them. I read that you were having trouble with fleas so that is probably why. I think if I were you I would give the dog back to my boyfriend until you get out on your own. Its almost impossible to control a flea problem without the new flea treatments like Frontline and they are terribly expensive. Even then its hard.
• United States
26 Jun 08
If you love your dog, then keep her. If your boyfriend gave you the dog, then he must have loved her also. So it's like sharing a child. If you give her back to him, then it's like you are saying you don't want her anymore. He might be sad. But your mom would be happy. It's a difficult situation. I wish I had an answer that would make you happy so you didn't have to lose your dog.
@youdontsay (3503)
• United States
25 Jun 08
Consider whether the dog is making more work for your mom. If that is the case, pitch in and take over those tasks. What is it she doesn't like about her, does she say? Maybe there are things you can do to make those things less troublesome. Hope you work it out.