What are your top 5 books and why?

June 25, 2008 6:03pm CST
What are those top five books that you love to read, over and over, without ever getting bored? The ones that take you away perhaps, or ones which grip the imagination? Here are mine: 1. The Master & Margarita - Mikhail Bulgakov This has to be my number one book, purely for Bulgakov's writing genius, when reading this, i felt as though as i was there with the characters, at the Patriarch ponds in Moscow, surrounded by the Kremlin, smelling the air, seeing the trams go by. Its a magical feeling when a writer can pull you in so deep. 2. The Road to Mars - Eric Idle Well, i've always liked Idle from his Monty Python days, and he doesn't disappoint with this book either. Written from the perspective of a man who finds the records kept by an old robot, about his two comedian partners. The story has twists and turns, as well as Idle's mad cap humour. The robot, carlton, is a bowie 4.5, with the trademark one green, one blue eye of Bowie. The idea of a robot trying to understand comedy and how it works is just genius 3. Perfume - Patrick Suskind Dark. Those are the first words that come to mind with this book. Possibly one of the most sinister, almost evil books i've read, it really makes one feel uneasy, the cold, calculating manner in which the main character operates. There is never an attempt to portray him as anything other than devoid of a soul. The twists at the end are really good, and not what you were expecting at all. 4. The Iiliyad/Oddessy - Homer What can i say? Its a literary classic that has been played out in films time and again. Still, nothing can beat the original thing, and the manner in which Homer describes the finest details, particularly the gory battle scenes of the Iiliyad is impressive. Not a read for the faint hearted, or the easily bored! 5. Chobits - Clamp Yes, i know, its a manga series, but its still a good read. The story has a moral message to show, but manages to do so without being boring. I think that everyone can connect with the characters, even if it is set in the future. One i love to read over and over
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• Philippines
2 Jul 08
Well I could say that the Bible is the best book for me. Well I just say its the best because it is really the best! And then I would say John Maxwell's books are also good. However as a student I am usually confronted with non literature books but instead text books. Then I would say Auditing as well as Management and Financial Accounting books would be next.