The Little White Pill (part 2)

June 25, 2008 6:21pm CST
"It's true, We're all a little insane but it's so clear now that I'm unchained" - Evanescence - The Open Door - Sweet Sacrifice It's been two weeks since I've started The Little White Pill. Two weeks ago I wrote about how I didn't understand what brought me to this point. The funny thing about The Little White Pill is that it is slowly making things clearer for me. Much clearer. While I may be reluctant to grasp the truth that is in front of me and I want believe that the people closest to me have my best intention at heart - I realize now that they may not. It took a Little White Pill to bring me to that conclusion. And however painful it may be, I am thankful for it for now I understand. How does one deal with deception and demoralization? They come out on top. They heal themselves within and unbeknownst to their foe(s) they remain strong. Inner Strength...Inner Peace and the desire to survive. Fight or Flight? I will fight. For ME. For my survival - For the peace that comes with knowing that I've never hidden the truth. For the acceptance that I am stronger than what one can deal to me. It may hurt but it won't get me down any more. I've been broken once...I won't be broken twice. Healing. Strength. Power. Love. I understand. I get it now.
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