Anyone write for EHOW?

United States
June 25, 2008 9:31pm CST
Really, how much money can you make per article? Can anyone write an article or do you have to pass some kind of test?
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@I_Write (31)
• United States
10 Sep 08
Writing for DS is not the same as writing for eHow. DS may use your work on eHow, but the conditions, compensation, and creative process are completely different. DS writers must complete an application process and wait for an approval or rejection email. To be compensated by DS, articles must either be selected from a list DS provides, or the writer must submit a a request for subject approval. The finished work must also be approved (which can take time on DS) before it is published. If approved, DS purchases full rights to the article for a given amount ($15?). Your rights to your work and its earning potential ends there. Writing directly for eHow, by contrast, requires no application or approval. Writers choose to write on any subject they wish and their writing does not require approval prior to publishing. You asked, "how much can articles make?" It's not that simple. There is no answer. Articles written directly for eHow continue earning as long as they remain published there. There are articles that have been posted for more than a year and have made hundreds of dollars for their writers. Other articles have only made cents. The longer they are up, the more money they will make. Another advantage of eHow is that you retain all rights to your work and can elect to publish the same article elsewhere and generate even more income from it. I've made more than DS's $15 compensation just selling usage rights to some of my articles on eHow. All in all, eHow is completely awesome and a fantastic opportunity. DS, however, seems like a big hassle for relatively small rewards.