the game of telling the truth,do you dare to play................(its funny)

@adrico (204)
June 26, 2008 10:54am CST
hello every one on mylot! i've see a game on the other bbs.and it is very interesting.Now i tell the rules of the game:first of all i will ask friends downstairs a question ,then you must answer the question (you must tell the truth) and at the same time you must provide the new question for the people below.. and the follow friend answer the question and make the question .. it will repeated again and again... now let's begin this interesting game come on jion the game it will be interesting... friend downstairs : if you have two choice of lives which one you will prefer? first one :make a meanful life that you dream it years ago.but it is not gave by you lover. the second one is to persist in the lives that you insisit on all the times,even though losing the right to looking for the lives that you dream years ago...
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