while lay down on bed before you close your eye did you thinking of something ?

@mulau2u (1459)
June 26, 2008 12:05pm CST
this thing some time happen in our self routine, when we want to sleep at night while we were lay down on the bed waiting for our eye to close, our mind keep thinking what have we done in that day. our mind keep thinking.. for me as example i been thinking how to find a way to make my work done as well and i keep thinking how to make money too :), this thing happen until i get fully asleep. did this happen to you too, what will you been thinking about..
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@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
26 Jun 08
while i am trying to go to sleep at night, i often think about a good discussion to start on mylot and i am too tired to write it down. i usually think that i will remember it the next day, but more often than not, i forget it!
@mulau2u (1459)
• Malaysia
26 Jun 08
hi, it happen to me too, and the idea gone to way i don't know but i will find it back while i am lay down again :)