support groups for pedophiles

@lou1982 (122)
June 26, 2008 2:57pm CST
do you think prison is enough for pedophiles? i personally think they should bring back hanging. i`ve heard they have support groups for them now to get them integrated back into the community and we should accept and forgive them. we should and our children should have the right to walk this planet without them in it.
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@Emma30587 (402)
26 Jun 08
I totally agree. Pedophiles should be locked up for ever. Just because they say they wont do it again doesnt mean they wont. Children are too young to say and to know what they are saying no too. They should be able to play on the street and not worry about strangers. And parents too should be able to not constanley worry about their an ideal world anyway. As far as they hanging goes, I definalty think they should bring back hanging or some form of dealth for murders. And for rapsist, pedophiles and all the rest the sickos, should have tests done on them.Instead of using poor innosent mice and rats and rabbits, we should use rapists and pedophiles-They have ruined someone else life, lets ruin theres. I mean at the end of the day, they test cancer and products on mice and rats when the product will be used on lets use the sickos. Im not a religious person but in the bible it does say and eye for an eye.