How can we avoid stress?

June 26, 2008 11:32pm CST
wheeewww...I wonder if we could get through such...
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• Philippines
28 Jun 08
Well, we can't really avoid stress. The best that we can do is to have something that will become an outlet for stress. These can be something like an exercise, jogging, going to the gym, etc. For me, I try to get out of the routine once in a while. If the source of my stress is my job, I take a dayoff if I can. If I can't, then I do something in a shortterm like surfing the internet just to be able to handle the stress for a while.
@skygal (146)
• Malaysia
27 Jun 08
Try listening to your favourite songs, drink a cup of coffee, take deep breath and think positively. It easier said than done but this are the things I do when I'm stressed out so it might reduce your stress level a bit if not all of it.
@chirantani (1382)
• India
27 Jun 08
Nowadays we hear and read so much about stress. Everyone seems to be suffering from it.But actually it is quite simple top keep away from feeling stress by adopting very easy measures.Daily breathing exercises,yoga,listening to soothing music,laughing out aloud daily for five to ten minutes,staying as well as thinking positive towards life and having a light hearted conversational interaction with friends and loved ones are the measures that one can easily and daily follow to get relieve from stress.
@fwidman (11519)
• United States
27 Jun 08
You cannot avoid stress altogether, there will always be some stress in life. But,you can learn to handle stress better by trying to think it through and not letting it drive you crazy. Meditation and deep breathing exercises can relax both the mind and the body and are very good at dealing with any stress.