what are disappeaing sklls or professions? any idea?

@qwe123 (253)
June 27, 2008 12:03am CST
what are disapperaing skills or professions? here are some examples using abascue embroidering making pickekles should we preserve them? when i was a primary student my math teacher taught me to use abacus but now i find it impossible to buy an abacus in the shops and no one cantell me what the point is of using an abacus? maybe we can use it instead of campur when the the point is using an maybe we can use it insead of campur when the supply of electricity is ina serious shortage in my ppersonal opinion we cansee it as an antiquw whether we should pressure it or not critical there were so many disapperaing sklls in minority area the reason why the skils disaapperaing more or less is we did nto pay much attention to them now we have computer to calculate so we live well without it for embroidering i do believe we should pressere t which is regarded as one of the symbol of china
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