Would you ever want to write a autobiography of your life?

June 27, 2008 1:35am CST
Hello , i want to write a autobiography about my life, as i have gone through too much till now and i want to express my internal self to my dear dairy. Are any of you interested in writing yours why?
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• Indonesia
27 Jun 08
hi ramyashreesk, that's nice to write an autobiography. i can inspire other s with your thought and experiences. for me..so far i don't have a desire to write an autobiography. if i eventually write it, it will contain only 1 page, with only 3 sentences : i was a mystery, i am a mystery, and i will be a mystery
• India
29 Jun 08
Hello thanks for response. Am curious to know why you are saying that you are a mystery and would be mystery?
@rbailey83 (1400)
• Canada
12 Jul 08
i would love to write mine. I have been through more than most with my mental illness, and although there are still issues that i am having to consider more extreme treatments than i have already been through, i have beaten most odds. I would like to write an autobiography of my life to be able to distribute it amongst mental health facilities to show others that there is hope, that things can get better even if you have more severe cases
@livintx49 (245)
• United States
28 Jun 08
I would definately write one. People are all the time asking why don't I write a book.
• Philippines
27 Jun 08
i might right a autobiography of my life in the future. as of now, i should live my life to the best way i can. if i reached all my goals in life, maybe that's the time il right my own story. im planning to publish a book about how my life went through in this world. il just find the courage and inspiration to make it come true. i want to tell to the whole world how great my life has been, and how hard it can be sometimes.
• China
27 Jun 08
i am 26 years old now,so i think it is too young to write a autobiography of me,but i am interested in writing,when i old,i will write one.
@gemini_rose (16194)
27 Jun 08
I always think about writing one, but if I did write one then it would just be for me not for anyone else to read. I have gone through quite a lot when I think about it, although I think it is probably a bit too personal to want other people to read it.