Would you become less proficient at your first languge after picking up another

June 27, 2008 9:46am CST
I recently found I can't write my native tongue correctly.may be because of my enthusiasm at learning another language, when you pick up another languge, you also pick up another way of expressing yourself. I might not be a talented language learner. my brain has no room for another language. I may stop learning and spend more time on practise my own tongue.Does it ever happen to you. how do you deal with such situation being a bilingual or mutilingual?
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@holachika (176)
27 Jun 08
are you saying that you're having a difficulty in expressing yourself in your native tongue? does it only happen when you write? or even when you speak? in my case, i try to speak either languages when the opportunity presents itself. for instance, since english is the preferred language at mylot, i use it. but when i am with native speakers, i speak our language. at any rate, practice makes perfect, right?
• China
27 Jun 08
To be honest, my native language is mandarin.Ever since I am accustomed to type instead of writing with a pen. some of the frame of chinese character have melted away due to lack of writing it. I believe it doesn't bother english speaker.Coz english input works more directly than chinese input. and the frequency of using chinese become less and less after I begin learning english.I think a chinese fellow can fully understand me.Have a good day!