June 27, 2008 11:33am CST
well friends i want to buy a new camera and please let me know which one is the best one that i should buy.I am interested in buying a digital camera thanx in advance....
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• Philippines
5 Jul 08
What do you want? A simple point and shoot camera or a SLR/DLSR? If you want a DSLR, go to Nikon D40/D40x. I'm into photography for 6mos and using that model can really help those beginners to know about basic photography. Its features are very easy to understand, you can mix and match its settings depending on your taste. It also come with a two kit lens, so you can focused on them and try different settings. If you are ready to learn more, that's the time you can go for more advance models/lenses. However, if you like a simple point and shoot camera, go for a digital camera with a shock and waterproof features. Also, look for a high pixelated camera. I think LUMIX already has 9mp and a 10x(?) zoom features. Happy shoot!
• United States
29 Jun 08
As long as you stay away from the really cheap cameras, I think you'll be ok. I have 3 cameras right now, 2 point and shoot and 1 SLR. I hate to say it, but the quality of the prints is pretty much the same. A few years ago, we bought our youngest son his first digital camera--it was one of those $20 marketed for kids. Well, those may be good if you keep all the pictures on the computer, but we printed a few and they were so bad, so "pixilated" I would never buy one of those cheap ones again. We experimented and finally settled on one that was about 100 dollars more for him. He loves having his own camera to take to class parties and such. For yourself, you probably want a camera with atleast 3 megapixels. You want more optical zoom than digital zoom. You don't need anything really expensive unless you're going to make poster size prints. Hope this was helpful:)
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
27 Jun 08
it is difficult to tell someone which is the best camera for them as everyone wants different features, I think the best thing to do is sit a write a list of all the things you want, like large amount of pixels, big screen, small in size or large with zoom lense, batteries or dock,and of course price range.. look through camera sites and work out what you want and I think it is best to go to a camera store with your list and let them help you..