Gas prices, alternate methods

A diagram of the proposed conversion - This diagram shows the proposed conversion from gas to gas/water to double your milage
United States
June 27, 2008 12:59pm CST
With the ever rising price of gasoline is there anyone here that has looked into alternate forms of propulsion? I read and seen online about using water, actually the hydrogen in the water, as a means to offset the gasoline consumption in modern vehicles. Is this truly possible? Has anyone tried it?This site I was looking at said that the technology has been in use in submarines since the 70s and the government has kept it under tight security and I remember tabloids abound with stories about cars that run on water. So my question is has anyone actually tried this supposed “simple” conversion? Does it work as claimed? Do you think it is possible. Please share your thoughts and as always…. Have a great day!!!
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