the L word....

@nut_nut (251)
June 27, 2008 3:04pm CST
is anybody else absolutely obsessed with the L word?? if so who is your favourite character/s? i cant get it on tv where i live now as the cut it here but i download as much as i can...
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@savmot (261)
14 Sep 08
I love it.... My favourite character is Alice. But the one I fancy most is bette...My God is she BEAUTIFUL!
@nut_nut (251)
14 Sep 08
i hear ya sovmot lol...but damn u should see my girl lol. i need a much needed catch up with the l word right now...not that its a chore hehe
• Philippines
24 Apr 10
I love the L word! I love Tina and Bette then Shane and Carmen. I think they should give Sharmen a chance on the big screen, they're really great couple on TLW. First, I loved JB, since she's a good, talented actress and her character, Bette, is someone I could relate to. In my present relationship, I'm not as successful and tyrant as Bette but I'm the one who talks a lot, argues a lot, insists a lot and had disposition. I was disappointed when she had an affair with the carpenter Janace so that's when I started to appreciate Tina. Reminds me a lot of my girlfriend. I didn't like Shane but on the second season, I realized that she was hot, especially when Carmen came. For me, they're the best L Word couple. If only they were given a chance, a lot of their viewers could have been really, really happy.
@di44ito (496)
• Bulgaria
24 Mar 10
I`m watching this series for about a week ago and already i`m on the second season i like it a lot and my favourite character is Shane i think she is great and the actrese Katherine has a great sexy voice. :P