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June 27, 2008 9:34pm CST
I am planning a trip to disney world. Has anyone stayed in the resorts on disney? IF so which resort is the nicest?
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@joyouskay (113)
28 Jun 08
we just got back from Disney about two weeks ago; we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was wonderful; we had a great trip and I would highly recommend it. I've never stayed at the other hotels, but I did a lot of research so maybe I can help a bit... There are Value, Moderate and Deluxe Resorts. The Value resorts cost the least, but also have the least amenities. One of the biggest features of staying onsite at a resort is that they provide transportation to and from the hotel to the various parks. If you stay at a value resort, be prepared for longer waits as they share transportation. The Moderate resorts have more amenities and are also a bit less crowded. I've read a lot of people really like the French Quarter and Port Orleans. The Deluxe resorts are pretty much full service. I've heard really great things about them all. Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wildnerness Lodge are a bit more "outdoor" themed. I know the Wilderness Lodge is a favorite of many. There's also the Grand Floridian which I've heard is the most "formal" of all hotels. There's also the Yacht and Beach resorts (a bit more sporty maybe?), and then the Polynesian. I think if we go back, we will stay at the Poly. The rooms are the largest, and I've heard great things. There's a great website,, with message boards and forums that talk about all the hotels. I highly recommend it!
28 Jun 08
Thank you I was looking at the wilderness lodge. I dont htink i would like something too formal becuase thats just not who I am. I wil look at the Polynesian as well. What parks did you go to? Do you feel that disney is just for younger people or that people who are in their 20s will enjoy it.
@uicbear (1903)
• United States
7 Jan 09
Have you gone on your trip yet? What did you decide for your hotel stay?
• United States
12 Sep 08
We loved the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The bunk beds are nice for kids and I love the whole feel of it. The night time animal viewing is fun also. Port Orleans French Quarter is nice and compact. The down side is only 1 smallish pool but the food court was easy to use. Its fun to hear the horse and carriages clip clop thru the resort. Pop is my Daughters favorite. The Hippy Dippy pool is alot of fun. Pop is cheap and colorful. Caribbean beach is getting a wonderful new pool complex. The resort is large, spread out but does have the Caribbean feel to it. I want to eventually try the Beach Club. They have the best pool on property there.
@jasyjen (162)
• United States
24 Aug 08
We just returned from Port Orleans French Quarter and had a FABULOUS time! It was perfect. They have an awesome waterslide in the shape of a dragon that the kids loved. Also, Port Orleans Riverside was very nice. It had more rooms and larger eating facilities and shops, even though they're both Moderate resorts. The BEST resort we saw was the Polynesian. We had dinner there one night and decided that when we get to go back, we want to stay at that one. But I think that resort is more expensive.
• United States
25 Jul 08
I have stayed at quite a few Disney resorts and I've loved all of them. Pop Century resort is one of the value resorts, so it's the cheapest. While it may be one of the cheaper hotels I do not think it appears that way. They have some great ammenities and it's close to a lot of the parks. I'd have to say my FAVORITE resort is Port Orleans Riverside. That resort is so peaceful. It's one of the moderate resorts so it's a little bit more expensive but not that much. I think if you go to Disney you should definitely stay on property for at least a day or two. It really gives you that all around Disney experience!