post ur life

United States
June 28, 2008 12:42am CST
post what u do in ur life thanks guy im really happy to be here enjoy guys
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• United States
21 Jul 08
My life is all about friends, drama, money, guys, and kissing and etc. I dont make it like that only some of it, all my friends are different and start drama and guys in my life arnt the best. So my life is like a soap opera and I never know what is going to happen next. I would also say its like a book, its interesting and you wanna turn the pages and read on.
@suria5231 (147)
• Malaysia
29 Jun 08
Hi Emzieroy, Greetings to you and your family. Its just nice to be here in Mylot. I am very new here although I joined earlier but didn't really start to post until recently. My life is very simple. I am currently doing up a small place which I think will be the place for me to enjoy my golden years with nature, self sufficiency, recycling, conservation and just relaxing ;) I also love Amateur Radio, Amateur Astronomy, Amateur Photography , renewable energy and Home automation concepts using recycled electronics. My passion for the search for personal independance has become integrated to my favourite concepts of self sufficiency. And now with the internet I guess i have a new tool to use to try and achieve financial independance as well while I continue to work on my little family retreat we call Eagle Plateau. If you are interested, links to our little family garden and self sufficient home can be found at my profile.
@deepakde (156)
• India
29 Jun 08
Hello ,I am a simple person and i enjoy my life with free mind.i never do in my life but my dream is i can do for my family any think.but in this time i just happy to my family.
@sophialin (2678)
• China
28 Jun 08
welcome to mylot,emzieroy. i'm an employee who works in international trade.our factory are specialized in producing cookers.our customers include TTU,JCP,warmart,HWI and cantra. i reply to customers by email,do PIs and contact the forwarder to arrange the shipping every day.but i'm still a newbie in this area.
@AshleyHasan (1024)
• India
28 Jun 08
Welcome to My lot , For living I work in a Bpo software company as a Team Leader for operations and my husband works for a Bank as a Sales Manager. We have two beautiful daughters, I also login to Mylot for few hours daily.
@dianagnes (1088)
• Singapore
28 Jun 08
My life is like an uncomplete pieces of jigsaw puzzle,need those pieces to complete my life. Im having just an average standard of living.Im happy with it,but would love more. I go to school,still a student.Enjoyed entertainment through tv and internet mostly.Help my parents with their home business.Being like a housemaid to get over the chores.Have severals outings with friends..explore new places.Love watching live music performances.
@Jhordie (5115)
• Philippines
28 Jun 08
WELCOME TO MY LOT!!! We are happy having you... wish your stay will be fruitful and worthwhile as well. See you around. And if you have some inquiries about mylot, feel free to ask me anytime. about me... I AM A NURSE wanting to become A TEACHER