The rest of my life

United States
June 28, 2008 2:17am CST
Hi Everybody, How is it going? Good I hope. Here is a thought for you to ponder, I know I do. What do you want to accomplish with the rest of your life(ever how long t0? No, I am not morbid. However, I do work in a nursing home and death is a very common thing. For me, I don't fear death as much as I fear wasting my life(not accomplishing my goals). As far as death goes, my faith in Christ Jesus gives me eternal hope. But I am worried about my responsibility in living my life as God planned and reaching not my potential but His. So I believe inorder to reach your potential, you have to know what goals you want. Then once you have decided that goals you want to achieve, then you work for those goals until you reach them. Once you reach those goals, you will hopefully grown and have discovered more goals you need to reach. Perhaps it is not about the goals themselves but the growing process you endure to reach them. It is alot to ponder and a good way to focus on how to spend the time you have left, which could be a hour or fifty years. What every the time we have, I hope to use it wisely. Thank you and God bless, leofa
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