What happened to Westlife?

June 28, 2008 2:41am CST
I am wondering what happened to Westlife. They don't have new album. I don't see them on TV anymore. Are they still active?
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• India
11 Jul 08
westlife - westlife allow us to be frank
ofcourse they are...they hv just realeased a new album called back home and it's amazing!!
• Philippines
11 Jul 08
Really.... That's a good news for all Westlife fans.
@ifglan (1152)
• China
28 Jun 08
Together sharing with you,i like their songs,if new album comes out,who knows first,who tells to the other,ok:)
• China
10 Jul 08
i like westlife,like their songs. i think their neww album will come out soon.
25 Aug 08
They have just released their single from their latest album "Back Home" which is entitled Something right...
• Nigeria
21 Aug 08
i can boldly tell you that westlife are very much active and they had a new album titeld BACK HOME in which they had a trck like home, amaying, tell me that u love me, etc but what i dont know about them is that, why they become four instead of five in group...so take care
• China
19 Aug 08
i am agree~~so long haven't heard them/
• China
6 Aug 08
They have published their new album called "back home", which has a new song of "HOME". But it's pity that HOME is not an original song for Westlife, it was already sang by Michael Buble before..
@diansinta (7551)
• Indonesia
11 Jul 08
Hi jhake1984, I am not sure. Maybe they became solo artisr? sing separately. Many boy band split after the got their hit. Happy posting!!
@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
11 Jul 08
Hi! No I dont think so that they are active nowadays. Im sure they might be trying to think up of a new album or something but right now I think that their top priorities are their families. They are getting older now and most of them have their own families and wives and kids to take care of so I guess maybe thats what their are focusing on right now. I have to admit that they did have a very nice career and they had many many great songs that easily became classics. It would be nice if they produce new songs like the old ones to keep the interest but I dont think they'll fit into teenybopper songs. Thats why their music evolved with them. So if ever they do make another album it would be different from the old ones but it will surely be good songs.^_^