Best Financial Investment in India

June 28, 2008 3:07am CST
Dear All, Most of us at one point in life thinks about saving the money for fulling the future needs... There are many way for doing that like 1. Provident Fund (PF) 2. NSC Bonds (NSC) 3. Fixed Deposits in Banks (FD) 4. Post office Accounts (PO) 5. Shares (SHR) 6. Mutual Funds etc etc.. (MF) 7. Life Insurance (LIC) But there is always a confusion for where to invest our savings..... If some in shares, some in PF and some in FD, some in FD, in which proportion.....? Again in depends on the age of the person.... many things to consider right.. So let us discuss and find out what should be the high priority of investment for different age groups.. Here is my opinion.... A : 20 - 35 Yrs : Shares, MF and LIC B : 36 - 50 : MF, PF, LIC C : 50 - 58 : NSC, FD, PO D : Retirement : FD, PO Do share if there are any other investment options which best suits for different age groups..
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