if you are rich or wealthy you have to produce more kids.

@bottan (51)
June 28, 2008 3:11am CST
This is the directives issued by one of the Christian Curch leader recently. Is it a good directive?
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@knightrider (1083)
• India
28 Jun 08
ofcourse if you can aford what is the problem, so many beggars are producing like dogs
• Philippines
28 Jun 08
i think, whatever religion or culture or country, etc., the decision to have more kids is upon the parents. no one should be dictating anything. parents can produce as much as they are capable of providing for. they should be responsible enough to consider the consequences also. and this does not only include financing for their family's needs but the love and care that each new addition to the family would require.
28 Jun 08
no i think that is totally wrong, people have children because they want them not just because they can afford them. its like somebody saying i can afford more than 1 car therefor i will buy 20 just for the sake of it. children need time with parents and individual attention, its not just a case of affording more children there are a lot of other factors to be considered too!
@shiri73 (38)
• United States
28 Jun 08
It makes sense because they will be able to provide for their children better, but other things should be considered too. If they are truly good people, they should have lots of children, but if they are nasty, no matter how much money they have, they shouldn't be encouraged to have lots of kids.
@snoopy88 (452)
• Australia
28 Jun 08
I disagree and agree with that statement. It seems like they are controlling our life by saying that. And I see this as quite a personal thing. Life is too short to let people tell you what the size of your family should be. But on the other hamd, think about the Baby Boom back in the 1950s and the reasons why they are doing it. It's for the good of the next generation. So, did the Christian Church leader explains this statement?
@lishiwei (1553)
• China
28 Jun 08
I think I will do as that.I think everyone is like children.
@alokn99 (5717)
• India
28 Jun 08
If I were richand wealthy, I would rather distribute the wealth among the needy kids (so many of them) rather than add to mine.