the end of the world???????

June 28, 2008 4:06am CST
have you pout in mind that the end of the world come nearer??? why?? we are now experiencing many signs,,, food shortages,, air pollutions,, fossil fuels,, populaton bomb??? ahmpf,,, time will tell what will be the future of our raise but we dont expect anything in just waiting we have to do some actions in order for us to survive?? so what do you think will happen if the fossil fuels will run out,, especially todays generation we are very dependent on MODERN TECHNOLOGY,, so what will be our resources if the continous abusing in nature and animals will not be stopped,, what will support us soon if the air will be no more efficient especially to those air breathing organism... do you get mt??? all things have limitations,, mother nature cant help itself,, we are the dominant specie and the doer of all actions so we are the one who will be put into blame if the end of the world came.... please check it out and leave some raections about it....
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