Modern man disposes non-sense emails/texts... w/c 1 u either kip and throw away?

June 28, 2008 6:27am CST
Emails and text messages can be easily composed in form of original write-ups, imitations "cope & paste method", or simply forwarded messages. With respect to FORWARDED MESSAGES/NEWSLETTER, which one among on the list below you either keep in your treasure box "inbox" or simply delete forever "trash box"? a) I keep thoughtful/spiritual messages and re-forward to my list of friends. b) I keep thoughtful/spritual messages and retrieve to read again soon if i have spare time. c) I delete thoughtful/spiritual message right-away. d) I keep promotional newsletter for products/business matters and retrieve to read again soon. e) I keep promotional newsletter/promotional for products/business matters then analyze and verify and if it's ok, i am joining immediately. f) I hate receiving promotional product/business newsletter. Thus, i just simple delete forever and block the sender.
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@richiem (3646)
• Philippines
8 Jul 08
I guess I would have to choose (c) I delete thoughtful/spiritual messages right-away. I do this because my phone memory would not be enough to handle a lot of messages and I don't want to find it hard to choose on which to delete, so I just delete them all. Sometimes I read it aloud to my girlfriend when she is beside me so she may know the message too. But I would like to say that before I delete them, I read them first and give them maybe a minute before I delete them. In case of promotional text messages, I read the whole text and then I delete it afterwards. I like receiving promotional messages in my phone because it keeps me tune in on what's happening around me.