June 28, 2008 9:49am CST
When I logged to FoxCash an hour ago and clicked on my stats I was surprised to read "# of Clicks Until Payout : 1/250". I clicked on the Cashout link just to check what they were talking about and sure enough it said on their updates that one must have $10.00 AND 250 clicks to be able to request payout. I've already had 363 clicks anyways. But do you think this is fair? I don't quite know how the computation would go. Let me see if I can do the math here. It's 0.015$ per click. Everyday I click on 12 ads. Consistently 12 ads. Everyday I would be able to earn 0.18$ (let's say sans referrals) and if I get to click on those 12 ads for 7 days, in a week I would earn $1.26. That means I can reach $3.78 in 3 weeks with this pattern. 250 clicks equals $3.75. Hmm. What's your take on this change of TOS?
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