cell phones and fixed phones any idea?

@qwe123 (253)
June 28, 2008 10:22am CST
do you like the cell phones and fixed phones? china has more than six hundren million mobile phones users by june this year which means every one in five mobile phone users in chinese which do you use more often cell phones or fixed ones? what do you do with them? what is your favorite part of your cell phones do you think one day mobile phones will domionate and fixed phones will disappera? i am an old moblile phones ueser i woned my cell phone seven years ago in my opinion mobile phone is more convenient than fixed phone because most of people can keep in touch with their friends or colleagues at realy realtime they can not delay anything important on the contrary fixed phoe can not take with us it only could be usde in family or office in all i coside that mobile is more convenient or uesful than fixed phone i prefer mobile to fixed phone i have been amobile phone user for almost six years personally speaking i like fixed ones because their signal it is a nbetter and they have fewer readation than mobile ones but i have to use cell phone in most time for its conventience the two main functions are calling and sending message to others i do not think fixed ones wil disappera in a short time
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