my mom just got 2 baby chickens...what do i do??

June 28, 2008 10:46am CST
ok so my mom just got 2 new baby chickens and i dont know what to do?? and my little brother wanted then and im will what becaz i wanted to get a cat but he can get 2 new baby chickens and man im mad but they are so cute:)
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28 Jun 08
You have 4 cats! That's not enough? I wanted the baby chickens for eggs later. Dunk said you can get a bunny...there! You know you love the boo boo chickens..LOL
29 Jun 08
w.e mom and yea i want that bunny!!!!
• United States
23 Oct 08
xDD thats how i started out with my chicken obsession. my mom's friend gave us 6 birds, two turkeys, 2 quails, and 2 chicks. i kept the two chickens and then we took in and raised 3 strays. eventually i had MANY cats (about 35 at last count) and my chickens are very...special. im not sure if normal chickens act like this, but if a cat tries to come and eat the chickens food, the chicken turns ninja. they gang up on the poor cat and one pecks its ear and the other one kicks the poor scared kitty. xD but they get along pretty well aside from that. chickens are pretty amazing pets, they can be trained to come when theyre called and you cant really feel as lonely with them clucking nonstop. hehe out of curiosity, what type of chicks are they?