what is your feeling about iinternet? any idea?

@qwe123 (253)
June 28, 2008 11:02am CST
what is your feeling about internet? the net is almost everywhere nad people use it almost everday maybe you can hardly imagine i one day the net disappears and what is the world like in briefly the bet makes a great rols in our daily life frist we can get information through the net conveniecel secondly we can communicate with others across the whole world thirdly we can call for ehlp thgough the bet and there wil be someone knid who wil help us we can distribute something or buy something very quickly among the msot useful aspects above which give me the deepest impression is the communication with the friend in the net of course the friend must communicate with you sineely then you will find much motivation from him ot eht if he or she is of good wuanlities and then after ou talk iwth him or her you will abtain the encouragement andstrength however you also should not be dependence too ,\much in the net after all you can not tough the man you meet in the net if there si a large distance the importantis that you should know what you need and how deply you ned only in this way can you control yourself and will find very god communications in the net how about your feelings about the net? welcome to hear your points
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• United States
28 Jun 08
The internet is a tool, like a hammer or saw. It can give information without a trip to the library or give an opportunity to chat with family or friends. But I think kids should NOT have access unless they need to do a school project or as an occaisional treat for doing weel, and alowing an occaisional (once a week) game? It is addictive! Children should play outside and get exercise and fresh air! The internet is beiong abused and over used.