Tres Marias!!

June 28, 2008 12:57pm CST
We are three girls ot of 7 siblings. Would you believe!! I am even tje eldest among all of us. It's hard but enjoyable one. Though at times I need to make a crucial descision. As an elder sister I need to be responsible. Simply because they looked up to you. I guessed, we are all a little bit luck enough for having different taste in almost everything. We don't eally have arguments on a lot of thing. We do gave negative reaction on things we do. But it is easily patched up. We do also fight, simply because of differences on the point of views. I guessed its just natural for sisters to fight once in a while. That is waht you called the spice of being sisters after all.
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• United States
28 Jun 08
That's so sweet. I have two other sisters, too. We aren't together much anymore since my younger sister moved away. I wish we could get together and share some good times again.
• Philippines
29 Jun 08
Hello!! Why don't you wrote them a letter. And the best, plan a get together. So you will be able to share and patched the long lost time you all missed toghther. Start it up from the things you've left. You'll see, it will end up that all of you laughing. You will never regret it and for sure be thankful!!