why some successfull people are not happy and contented with their life

@dorothy09 (1520)
June 28, 2008 1:00pm CST
Ive known some people which I believe who are really successfull in carerr but are still not happy and contented. There is really no perfect person in this world. In my view there are people like this that they are not happy even they are successful because they forgot to look the other side of life..What will you do with all the success in your life you have the money the fame , this are useless if you have no family whom you can share with. Yes you have family but the I am talking on the essence of family.Are you giving ample time to spend with your family to have a better and great relationship with your family members. you guys are you successful, what are your views witht this
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@golfproo (1841)
• Canada
30 Jun 08
Hi Dorothy, I think you make some very good points. A lot of the time people just do not take the time to appreciate what they have. Instead of appreciating it, they are always trying to get more. I have been guilty of this before there is no question. I am older and wiser now I hope. :) cheers,
@Juduka (118)
• Finland
30 Jun 08
Financial freedom is one huge aspect about being succesful. Doing what you love with the people you love and who love you is another. Making a difference in the world and leaving your mark on comes third. And fourth I think is having that special someone. I'm happy with my life. I'm still looking for that special someone but otherwise I have those third above in place for myself.