Look whos cooking........................... at home

@gicarlo (131)
June 28, 2008 1:13pm CST
Hello everyone! Do you know how to cook? Who cooks at home? Is it you? your husband? your wife? your mother? your father? your sister? your brother? or your maid? I am very proud to say that before, at home, i was the one preparing meals. I cook for our breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, I got busy for college so i asked my mom to get a maid so i could focus on my studies especially on my projects. But it's a good experience in life for me. My classmates can't even imagine i cook. They were just shock and amazed. "Wow! you cook?!" It's not something to be shame off really. Knowing something they don't makes me a better person than them hehe.
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• Philippines
10 Jul 09
My father used to cook when he is still young, But now he often cook rarely. He is old now and very slow to move. He taught me to cook and I inherit his skills. I started with keenfull observation every time he cook and later experiment on do it my own ways. I am successful and they love the food I cook. I also loved to read cookbook and watch culinary show. just watching makes me hungry and to imitate it. I often cut recipes from magazines. Then, I have few recipes book to start with and now I have internet connection. I just browse my favorite websites and save the recipes. Then, when I am on the mood to try new recipes. I make a visit to supermarket and buy personally the ingredients on the list. i cook it by myself and everyone is happy on the house. The feeling of being appreciated is awesome experience.
@ank_47 (1963)
• India
16 Jun 09
before my marriage my mother cooked and after my marriage ,i only cook now in my house and my husband enjoys my preparations.its compulsory for me to do cooking daily ,as i only stays at home .my husband will be busy in this job. if he is in good mood,he sometimes prepares one or two recipes.but just monthly twice like that ,he prepares. if any parties goes on in our house,he helps me in cuttting,and preparing one or two recipes.
@kaguvkov (1041)
• Philippines
11 Jun 09
I cook at home, when I was studying in Davao city and I am having my boarding house my boardmates are all feeling lucky because they have me as a cook. I cook always and I cook almost any food in the kitchen, in the reef and even in the garden. Right now, I am living with my girlfriend and she knows that I am a good cook so whenever I got some time I really cook for her and I knew she would love it. I don't get a shame if anybody knew I cook because for me cooking is an art that needs mastery and skills!
@Bethany1202 (3432)
• United States
9 Aug 08
My boyfriend and I both cook often, but our roommate doesn't. He eats meals we cook, though. We make a variety of things, from pot pies and soups to lasagna, stir-fry, lots of types of pasta, and much more. One of my favorites, and a favorite of all my friends as well, is veggie chili that I make. I make a huge pot of it and it goes so quickly!
@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
28 Jun 08
my hubby does most of our cooking at our house. (i do the laundry!) cooking is something that he really likes to do, so i let him do it and he really does make some tasty dishes too!
@risris24 (712)
• United States
28 Jun 08
Mostly my mother and grandmother always did the cooking, but over the years I loved taking recepies and trying them myself. I cook for myself but now that my sister and I live in an apartment together I cook fo her andmy boyfriend when he comes over. I enjoy trying new things and with tial and error seeing which ones tasted good so I can cook them again and knowing which ones weren't so good so I can avoid making them again.