Obama - Could a difference in theological belief be his downfall?

South Africa
June 28, 2008 3:21pm CST
George W Bush had been kind to the corporate types, let's be honest. The oil companies are happy and the poluters have no Kyoto Agreement to worry about. Money is being made and the power remains in their hands. Whether Bush was acting in their interest with his decision on such matters as the environment, renewable energy, oil and the wars in the Middle East is speculation. Most would agree that the current president could have done better. Many believe its time for a change. Change they can believe in. Barack Obama is marketed as this change. His popularity has grown and when you're running for president, you need to be better than your competition. What is the best way to bring down an opponent? Use something that the people believe strongly in. So if he were running for the Indian presidency, his opponents would say that he had a beef steak when he was 9 while on a school camp, if he was running for the Saudi top spot, his opponents should say that he let wife reveal her ankles in public. (These are grossly exagerated examples and no offense is intended, please read on). He was attacked because his preacher said some controversial statements at a service a while ago and it was intended by the accusser to get the public to think that these were his views as well. 80% of Americans believe in a god. It is an important issue and close to their hearts. The Evangelical Christians in particular are a huge voting base in America. They want a like-minded president, of course. Obama has to market himself as a Christian if he want s to be president and this of course brings problems. They are displeased with John McCain and have started putting their support behind Obama. But Obama will bring change, he claims, and change is not good for the people in power at the moment, because change puts new people in power. Obama is now being attacked byone James Dobson because Barack has a 'fruitcake' interpretation of the bible which according to Dobson, is not correct. Are the opponents of Obama attacking his theological beliefs because it is his only soft spot. Because religion is so debated and everyone has their own views, it is the best way to discredit someone by saying things about the particular persons beliefs. And because there is no concensis as to the correct interpretation of the bible, the issue of Obamas belief can be debated till his death and the matter is no longer important. Should a presidential nominee have his legitimate chances scraped because of a slight difference in belief? Should there be seperation between church and state affairs?
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