Do you play scrabulous? Are you any good??

@liquorice (3901)
June 28, 2008 6:48pm CST
Before joining Facebook I'd only played scrabble about twice in my life, and I didn't really enjoy it very much. I'm not much of a board game fan really, and word games were never my thing (I'm more of a number person). However, some friends on Facebook challenged me to play Scrabulous and have introduced me to a whole new world... It's better than the boardgame version as you're not pressurised to think of a word immediately, you can take your time and try different words out before committing yourself. And there are lots of special features to help you, and to let you know whether the word you've thought of is actually a real word, (or if you're just being hopeful!) I love this game and have become a bit addicted to it. And I've discovered that I'm actually not too bad at it. So far I've won 11 games and lost 7 (not that I'm bragging or anything, ) Are there any other Scrabulous fans out there? What's your biggest Scrabulous achievement?
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2 Jul 08
OOOOops I started a discussion on this also. Yes I play. Biggest achievements? I few games over 500. One game where there were seven bingoes altogether and my op and I both had over 400 and were within 10 points on the finish. My top bingo is around 110 points for EQUIPOID or something (WICCANS was a close second for 109). Yawn.... can you tell I played too much?
@liquorice (3901)
3 Jul 08
Yes, you do sound good. I've never had a game of over 500 points, they sound live very exciting games that you have! Yes, between Scrabulous and myLot I'm at my computer far far too much . Thanks for your answer, and happy playing!
@buldwgz (1483)
• United States
29 Jun 08
Never have played scrabulous, Liquorice, so I can't really say if I am any good at it or not. Maybe I will give it a try sometime.
@liquorice (3901)
29 Jun 08
You should, it's really good fun, and gives your brain a good workout! Thanks for replying.