Pregnancy pact

June 28, 2008 7:16pm CST
has anyone heard about the pregnancy pact in one of the schools? I was wondering what people were thinking about that.
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• United States
29 Jun 08
I did hear about the pregnancy pact, but I am not really clear as to why they would do it. There were girls involved in that pact as young as 15 years old and I believe they all got together or something and they all made a pact that they would all get pregnant by the end of the year. People started to realize it when more and more young girls went to get pregnancy tests and they were actually disappointed when they found out that they were not rpegnant. I feel thet they are ruining thier lives. I'm not saying that babies are horrible, but you should only plan a baby when you have the means to take care of the poor child.
29 Jun 08
I completly agree with you. I was horrified when I read the story on a news site. I couldnt believe it. I understand that babies are great things but the thing is these girls are not going to be able to support babies and those babies are innocent they havent asked for this life. I know they wanted to raise their kids together but now they have put a damper on their future education.