money making ois tough

@moose8 (483)
June 29, 2008 1:41am CST
money making on mylot is tough and alot of work. even though it is very fun, i have been typing away forever this month. i just hope i will be able to make the payout. i have two day to make about 70 cents so i think that if tomorow i work my but off i can do it in one day plus the earnings of my todays postings......what do you think?
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• Philippines
29 Jun 08
You are definitely right!!!We have to be honest to tell this to the newbies because this is really true. Mylot is a very good community of people who love to discuss and post discussion and the earnings will just follow. Well, about reaching the pay out, do not count the last day of June because most of your postings in the last day is not included in the counting. Well, I just wish you good luck...
@vrahulan (114)
• India
29 Jun 08
Nothing is easy. Being it making money from the blogs of being my Lot. You have to work to earn money but the advantage here is you don't feel like "working to earn". Even if you think that you are posting just to earn then it certainly will look hard for you. Dont myLot for money, do it for fun then the rewards will automatically come to you.
@sergeantrom (5711)
• United States
29 Jun 08
That is a very good and honest observation. That is also tough for a lot of mylotters to admit, making money is tough and it requires time. So glad you are not brainwashed by the "quick easy money" on the internet schemes. Just keep posting away and you will make payout. It goes much faster when "making payout" is NOT your only goal. Good luck...
• Singapore
29 Jun 08
Well moose8 why not start a blog or do some affiliation along with the time you spend in mylot. You can extra bucks as well.
@suria5231 (147)
• Malaysia
29 Jun 08
Yes I do agree that it is a tough one. But as you say its a lot of fun. I look at it as an opportunity to meet new friends. The money part is a nice bonus of course. If you are into making money online you could also try to look at other programs which you can get involved in and use mylot to network with friends who enjoy making money online as well. Thats a very good way to enjoy mylot. That way you are not in a hurry to gear up to race to the payout line ;) You are lukcy to have just a bit to go before you hit the payout mark. I have a long way to go yet but i will probably get there in the end. I just want to enjoy getting there.