do you play guitar

June 29, 2008 7:26am CST
i have started learning guitar and i think learning chords is easier than learning tabs.. that is rythm is better learnt than lead....
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@gerald_lian (2193)
• Australia
29 Jun 08
Hi, rk! I am also an amateur in playing the guitar, and I just started learning a few years ago from friends, and I didn't go for any classes whatsoever. For me, I also feel that playing chords is much easier than playing tabs or "plucking". I am quite lousy in plucking and I'm still stuggling to master this style of playing the guitar. But there are times when songs sound better with "plucking" than strumming, so well, I guess I just can't master everything. Playing rhythm is also easier than leading in my opinion, because at least the attention doesn't fall on you as the lead person. Being the lead also means you have to be more "on guard" about what you play, while for playing rhythm all you have to do is just strum, which doesn't need so much focus. Anyway, wish you good luck in learning the guitar and I'm sure you'll be a good player in no time if you put your heart into learning the guitar well!
• United States
30 Jun 08
I also believe that rhythm guitar is easier especially when starting out, but I am now learning to "solo" which is a major part of lead guitar. The hardest and in my opinion the best part about soloing is you have to have a better feel for the key and overall tone of the song because you are usually playing a lot of notes in rapid succession while still going along with the rhythm of the song.
@frncsmts (84)
• Philippines
18 Mar 09
I want to play guitar but I don't know how to play it...I found it very difficult to learn..Maybe I need an instructor...Can you teach me how to play it...
• United States
30 Jun 08
My girlfriend got me a guitar for christmas and I am probably having the most fun learning the red hot chili peppers.
@alie_rae (16)
• United States
30 Jun 08
I have been playing guitar for 6 years and I have found the same thing. It's easier to play rhythm guitar then lead (most of the time).
• India
30 Jun 08
I ve alwayz wanted to play the guitar..Ofcourse after learnin how to play it:) but unfortunately that dream has not yet been fulfilled:(