would u give up a dream job that pays well to focus more on the mnistry work?

@keke22 (10)
Trinidad And Tobago
June 29, 2008 4:31pm CST
It's widely appreciated that riches do not in themselves bring eternal happiness. However, let's say you intend to enter university to become a lawyer, doctor, entrepreneur or some other prestigious career and it turns out that your drive to succeed in this area affects your involvement in the ministry work, are you prepared to sacrifice your career goals to further your involvement in spreading the good news of God's Kingdom even if it means you may have the most basic of material possessions or even barely any at all? Do you believe that being actively involved in God's Ministry will reap greater riches than those of this materialistic world? PS: PEASE BE THRUTHFUL TO YOURSELF AND NOT REPLY JUST TO SOUND NOBLE. THANKS
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@tigger44 (144)
• United States
2 Aug 08
If it is in Gods will for me to go into full time christian service then yes I would give up my dream job or the job that I currently have. I wouldnt even give it a second thought on weather or not I will do it. The earthy materials is not going to matter when you get to heaven only the things done for christ will last.