im starting toi worry

@moose8 (483)
June 29, 2008 5:49pm CST
it seems that every time i try to go on mylot and work hard i get distracted and dont get much eork done. im so worried i wont make enough and i will nd up having to wait the whole nother month to get paid...i dont want to do that! anybody else as worried as me.
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@98765m (1019)
• India
30 Jun 08
Well,the key to earn more in mylot is to enjoy your time here and not to concentrate too much on the earnings.If you do that earnings will definitely fall into place. Try to come to mylot 2 to 3 times a day,I mean instead of one single long session take breaks and come to mylot in 2 or 3 sessions and respond to discussions until you feel tired. If you come mylot on session basis then you can post more without getting tired.Just remember,don't stress yourself too much.Stressing yourself too much would cause more adverse effects than the desirable effects. Don't open mylot with the only intention of earning more.Earning goals may help you to earn more.But,some times they do backfire.Some times,you might have earned lesser than you expected and likewise there would have been days when you might have earned more than you expected.Thats the reason why I am telling not to concentrate too much on the earnings. All the best for you to reach the payout of 10 $ this month.If you couldn't don't worry.Next month you would get even a bigger amount. Cheers! Have a fantastic day Happy mylotting and happy earnings.
@roxanne271 (2035)
• Trinidad And Tobago
29 Jun 08
Well, I guess everyone likes to make that mad dash to make payout at the end of the month. First off, worrying is only going to make your goal seem further away from you. Just go with the flow and be confident that you will make 10 bucks by tomorrow and you might be pleasantly surprised. I personally was falling short of my 410 dollar mark and was still in the $9 dollars ring yesterday. I miraculously made almost a buck for yesterday and I only spent a couple hours on here having fun and posting and personally wasn't expecting to cross the mark till tomorrow. I am pleasantly surprised by this outcome. So, just post and have fun, the earnings will add up like nothing.
• Philippines
29 Jun 08
Well, don't worry just enjoy yourself here in mylot. Anyway, if you can not reach pay out this month, your earnings will be added to the next month so, you can still get your money. Have a good day and keep cool Happy mylotting.